Friday, July 14, 2006

Speeding up and slowing down.

Lots has been going on in my life recently, so I've been doing a lot of random writing and living, and not a whole lot of blogging. So excuse the abscence.

I can tell you that what has been taking up most of my time is music. We started working on this year's musical about a month ago, and this year we are doing A Little Night Music. I am one of the waltzers, whose job is to act as the muses in the story, guiding the plot as the principal characters generally make a mess of themselves. The story is essentially about people falling in and out of love at the turn of the 20th century, and humor and passion run rampant. It's going to be a wonderful show, and the cast this year is excellent. By the way, this whole production is put together courtesy of my voice teacher and his wife, who also gives lessons. They usually have two shows, and second show being put together is a show called You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown, which is something of a little more childish nature, but sounds like is going to be an excellent show as well.

Anyways, apart from that, I've been enjoying myself. I go up to Dean's ranch occasionally with Adrianna, while other days I spend writing, practicing guitar or piano, singing, walking down to the park, and cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning... we Washingtonians have to be prepared for lazy, rainy days, even in summer. You eventually think you've run out of things to do, but then something presents itself.

To tell you the truth, for the past week, I've been caught in a slump. I've lost some of my stamina, I'm afraid, and I can be found lying on the the couch channel surfing instead of actually doing something. Maybe it's the streak of bad weather we've been having; who knows. I suppose I shouldn't be making excuses for myself. And while it is easy to just get up at noon and sleep the day away, it's not very useful or productive.

So there's my bit of scolding.

I guess I haven't been doing all that much. I'm thinking about getting back the job I had last summer, which was watching a woman's children for her. That's probably the hardest job there is, besides defusing bombs and commercial tuna fishing. That's the solution for the teen pregnancy problem: make all teenage girls babysit two children under the age of 8 for three months, and then ask them if they want to have sex. If the answer is yes, then they MUST be insane (or a commercial fisherman). The consequences are too harsh, yes indeed.

But the attraction of the job wasn't the children, though I have to admit, the youngest one was only a year old, and could be adorable at times... when she wasn't neck deep in crap and screaming. No, I really had a fascination with the money it brought in. That's how I bought my car; by the end of the summer, I bought a car for $800 off Adrianna's friend. It's not exactly gorgeous, and it does have a few things wrong with it, but it's a car, and I do have a certain amount of pride for it. So, I guess it's kind of like a practical husband; not exactly Heath Ledger, and does leave the toilet seat up, but hey! You love him anyway, right?

I've been watching WAY too much Comedy Central. Ha.

Right now, it's pretty late, so I think I'm going to leave it here and type more tomorrow, so I can get some sleep.

“In rock ‘n’ roll, you’re built up to be torn down. Like architecture in America, you build it up and let it stand for ten years, then call it shabby and rip it down and put something else up.” -Joni Mitchell

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